At Cornerstone Family Chiropractic our passion and focus is on the health and function of the spine. We’re passionate about it because so much of life depends on it. The function of the spine impacts the function of the brain and central nerve system which controls everything in the body. The specialized corrective care that we provide is a non-surgical spinal reconstruction approach to restore the movement and structure of the spine. Once we have helped people achieve their most optimal spinal function and alignment, we provide ongoing supportive and wellness spinal care that is specific to each individual.

The chiropractic techniques we provide are the most cutting-edge in the world in terms of non-surgical spinal reconstruction, clinical practices and research. Correction of spinal subluxations are primarily done using specific hands-on or table assisted adjustments along with corrective stretches, exercise, and patient education about living a healthy and purpose-filled life.

Our clinic is an amazing place where people in our community are engaged in achieving higher levels of health, wellness and performance. We literally see miraculous changes in our patients' lives on a regular basis. It's an amazing thing to witness. Amidst the high tech and busy environment, we are committed to a patient centred experience that is very encouraging, real and welcoming to families and people of all ages.

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