Real Results - Case study Kelsey G.

Kelsey G. - 21 year old

Chief Complaint: 2-3 years of chronic daily headaches, constant neck pain, facial pain

History: Motor Vehicle Accident in 2013 (whiplash), previous fall down stairs and plays rugby. 

Life Implications: Poor sleep, fatigued, depression, consuming antiinflammatories & pain killers regularly.

Diagnosis: Vertebral Subluxation - cervical spine curve reversal (kyphosis) and anterior head translation.  

Chiropractic Care Program:  Jan 30/14-Jan 26/15, 95 chiropractic adjustments using Gonstead & Chiropractic Biophysis techniques with home exercise program using Dennerol neck orthotic to improve cervical lordosis.  

Results:  Improved cervical lordosis.  Decreased cervical spinal cord tension.  HEADACHES & NECK PAIN GONE!  Off all meds! More energy, improved sleep, concentration.  No depressions.  More joy!


Real Results - Josh R.

Josh R. - 14 year old

Chief Complaint:  Periodic headaches, backaches, blurred vision, allergies and poor immunity

Life Implications:  Frequent sick days and absent from school.  

History:  No major traumas.  Childhood ear and sinus problems. 

Diagnosis:  Vertebral Subluxation - double curvature of spine (scoliosis) 

Chiropractic Care Program:  Beginning Sept 20/05 began spinal reconstruction program.  Received 75 adjustments within the year.  Gonstead, Diversified and Chiropractic Biophysics techniques used.  Home exercises prescribed (mirror imaging). 

Results:  Significant correction of Vertebral Subluxations and scoliosis.  Improved immunity, decreased frequency of headaches and backaches.  Decrease sick days from school!

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