Corporate, Workplace & Community

We are committed to the health and wellness of Owen Sound.

Optimal health and wellness go hand-in-hand with your ability to go after your dreams and goals in life, whether that's being the best mother, father or grandparent you can be, or becoming the best athlete, performer, worker or professional possible.

At Cornerstone Family Chiropractic in Owen Sound, our passion is spinal health care, but our purpose is people. We periodically provide workshops and seminars that help people set out their goals and discover the "WHY" of their lives. While the workshops are often health related, we also enjoy helping you develop skills and disciplines required for high achievement, success and joy in life. Ultimately, we want you to live healthy and FULL OUT in all areas of your life.

In addition to our in-house workshops, as part of our commitment to educate and help our community we make our time and services available for speaking engagements including:

  • Corporate & Workplace Wellness talks
  • Service & Special Interests groups
  • Church or social club presentations
  • Spinal screenings & presentations for sports associations
  • School and classroom presentations

If you have a particular group or event that you would like to invite us to, please contact us directly at or 519-371-1701.

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