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  • Jan27Mon

    "A Conducive Environment"

    January 27, 2020

    When farmers plant, they don't question the seed's innate ability to grow and produce crops.  Neither do they dig the seeds up every day to verify they’re maturing underground.  They simply prepare the soil as best as they can and trust nature to handle the rest. 


    Similarly, Chiropractors don't question your innate ability to heal when we remove interference in your spine (Subluxations).  We know the each human body is blessed with an internal intelligence - an auto pilot capable enough to coordinate and carry out all the steps required to build and repair damaged tissue when necessary.  By adjusting, we're simply maintaining an environment conducive for that healing process to occur (a clear nerves system) and TRUSTING the innate wisdom in the patient to run the show.


    The only thing a doctor can ever heal is him or herself.  Likewise, the only one capable of healing you is the 'doctor' within you.  The best physicians in the world recognize and yield to this awesome Power within every patient.  The best we can do is prep the soil and get out of its way.

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