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  • Feb20Tue

    "A Subluxation in the Oven"

    February 20, 2018

    It takes time, patience and effort to make a perfect souffle'. Mix up the ingredients, pre-heat your oven to 425 and let them bake for the appropriate time - at an EVEN TEMPERATURE. You wouldn't go back and forth turning the heat up, down, off and on again as it tries to rise.  Consistency of environment is needed for a successful outcome. The same 'consistency of environment' is needed for a successful outcome in your Chiropractic care.


    On and off again schedule create the same unpredictable results you'd expect from baking at uneven temperatures. If you make all your visits one week, then miss two the next, then one after that, then get back on track - you've altered the healing environment needed to achieve the results you've anticipated. When you stray from a proven recipe, you end up with something less than what you wanted.


    Remember, it's not the adjustments that do the healing.  It's the subluxation free environment those consistent adjustments provide that helps your body do the work. If you want to get healthy and STAY healthy, 'keep the heat on' consistently throughout your healing process to. Stay on schedule and in alignment.

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