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  • Oct23Tue

    Chiropractic Adjustments

    October 23, 2018

    The immune system exists as one of the most complex and sophisticated entities of the scientific world. People often struggle understanding the immune system and the reasons why some people get sick more often or more severely than others. The human body and immune system serve in a similar capacity to various cross sections of ecosystem visible in any daily routine.  Consider two parks adjacent to one another. Both parks experience normal wear and tear associated with children, animals, and other living things. For the sake of an analogy, proper maintenance serves as the variable between the two parks. One park is mowed and cleaned on a weekly basis, allowing the beauty and function to perpetuate. The other park is ignored and becomes a haven for garbage, rodents, and unsightly foliage.  Both parks are capable of becoming well-developed places of happiness and beauty, yet only one is maintained and kept free of trash and contaminants.  The same metaphoric principle applies to the design of the human body and the immune system.


    People easily identify why one park clearly functions better than the other. In order for the second park to experience the same system quality as the first, effort would need to be taken to perform proper maintenance and to remove the clutter and debris that interfered with the park’s natural design and purpose. Spraying chemicals on weeds and setting traps for rodents only serves as a temporary solution to restoring the order, and does so at the expense of injecting harmful chemicals into the environment. The problems would simply continue to return until someone makes the decision to remove the cause of the problem. The second ecosystem requires the same consistent maintenance and removal of unnatural waste as the first park.


    The human immune system operates in a way very similar to the park analogy. The nervous system regulates all body chemistry (hormones) and function. Organs direct immunity and cells enforce the removal of waste throughout the blood. Research published in 2011 proved a direct link between spinal adjustments and an increase in the immune-boosting cells called IgA. The study showed an amazing 139% increase in IgA within minutes after a spinal adjustment.


    Eating correctly, hydrating properly,
    and sleeping adequately contribute to
    MAXIMIZING immune function.
    Each provides natural fuel and recovery to the body, the same as rain and sunshine nourish a park. Chiropractic adjustments deliver the vital maintenance to ensure that the function and health of the body flourish from the inside-out. Returning the second park to life takes simple planning and care. Research continues to prove that the need for nervous system maintenance is just as necessary for the body’s immune system to flourish. Chiropractic care provides cutting-edge, immune-boosting support with every adjustment.

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