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  • Sep9Mon

    "Fix it vs. Heal it"

    September 9, 2019

    A damaged lawn mower needs to be fixed. A torn pants hem may need some mending. Broken people, on the other hand, require healing... and there's a significant distinction.


    Fixing is within the realm of the conscious mind. You can actually assess the damage and make the appropriate repair from experience. And yes, there is some degree of 'fixing' in health care (i.e. stitching a cut, or casting a bone).  But the detailed work of making you whole again, happens after hours in the healing process - which is totally managed by a far superior subconscious handyman.


    No doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor can heal you from the outside. We can only create an environment around you, supportive of the process. Healing is an inside job best left to the professional inside you. 

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