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  • Sep16Mon

    "Happy Birthday Chiropractic!"

    September 16, 2019

    For over a century Chiropractors have been introducing their clients to the best doctor on the planet... the one that lives INSIDE them. On September 18th we celebrate another milestone.


    From the first adjustment given by DD Palmer to the obsessive development and refinement of Chiropractic by his son BJ Palmer... from the suggestive healing power of Fleet to the diplomatic efforts of Williams... the technical dedication of Gonstead, Kale and Harrison to the humble service of Santo, Humber and Reaver. One principled thread holds us all together - the acknowledgment of an innate genius within all and the desire to restore Life through its free expression.


    Today we can serve patients because we stand on the shoulders of giants like these, and countless more. Want to know the best birthday gift you can give Chiropractic? It’s your continued efforts to spread the message and help us serve more people. Thanks for sharing your inspiring Chiropractic stories.

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