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  • Apr8Mon

    "Pushing Your Buttons"

    April 8, 2019

    Second floor - sinuses, ears, nose. Third floor floor - lungs, heart, liver.  If you were a mental impulse and the spine were an elevator, every floor you select would lead you along a nerve path to a different section of body - and if the elevator doors failed to open properly, you'd be trapped!


    In 1921, Henry Winsor, MD studied the levels (or floors) nerves emerged from the spine and the effect blocking those nerves had on the organs to which they terminated. He discovered that fixed, arthritic and misaligned vertebral levels corresponded to a variety of chronic disease processes in the body... to the extent where Dr. Winsor proclaimed "...disease appears to precede old age and to cause it. The spine becomes stiff first and old age follows. Therefore, we may say a man is as old as his spine." 


    Adjustments to specific vertebral levels aren't just beneficial for tight spines and sore joints. The neurotrophic (nerve nourishing) effects of proper spinal alignment have a critical effect on your internal organs as well.  Those impulses need a clear, unfettered path to flow through. We agree with Dr. Windsor... By keeping those pathways clear with regular chiropractic care, your health will surely be going up!

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